SASFED Council Representative: Quinton Fredericks; Alternate: Wandile Molebatsi

The Independent Producers’ Organisation is a voluntary organisation that aims to represent, promote and protect the specific needs of producers.

The aims and objectives of the IPO can be summarised as follows:

  • To represent and promote the economic and cultural interests of the South African film, television, and video production industry locally, continentally and abroad;
  • To develop, support and implement growth strategies for the industry to increase local, continental and international markets;
  • To promote the development and establishment of aspirant and emergent producers and production companies;
  • To overcome historical disparities within the industry, based on race, gender, disability and sexual orientation;
  • To promote the industry for the good of the broader South African economy;
  • To promote a stable and viable industrial environment within the industry;
  • To encourage professionalism and high technical and creative standards in the industry;
  • To keep producers at the forefront of technological, economic and cultural changes;
  • To interact with and create negotiating channels and standard agreements with related industry organisations (e.g. actors’ and crew unions, writers’ and musicians’ guilds, broadcasters, distributors, etc.);
  • To regulate relations between members and employees or trade unions;
  • To promote health and safety standards for the industry. To play a key role in education, training and enhancement of skills within the industry;
  • To inform and enlighten non-industry organisations (e.g. educational institutions, government bodies, financial institutions, etc.) about the industry.

Contact Information

  • Postal Address: P.O. Box 2631, Saxonworld, 2132
  • Web:
Independent Producers Organisation