As part of the WGSA’s mandate to protect performance writers, we offer an online script registration service, which can be used to proof ownership, when faced with a dispute, or to establish a chain of title, when needed.

The service is open to all, but WGSA members receive discounted rates.

Final Draft Software

WGSA members receive a 40% discount on all new purchases and updates of Final Draft software.

The discount is calculated on the original full purchase price of $249 and not on any special offers Final Draft has on offer. Therefor, WGSA members will purchase a new license at $149.

The Black List

The Black List is an international platform for film and Television writers to showcase their screenplays and get their work evaluated by professional readers, and connect with industry members.

WGSA Full and Candidate members list screenplays for free and receive discounted rates on hosting and evaluation services.